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We’re happy when our clients are too. Actually, this is quite easy to achieve. Every time we work with you to develop affordable solutions to successfully reach and convert new customers, everyone is happy indeed! 

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We are marketing communications experts. Our focus is on helping you identify creative ways to reach new and existing clients. Developing relationships is the key to your success. We can help you stand out from your competition to creatively explain why your product or service is the best choice.

From copywriting to outreach to marketing strategy, we have you covered. You’ll find that our Optimal Approach is practical and easy on your budget compared to the larger agencies.


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do you have big goals to make bigger profits in 2021?

Optimal Communications provides customized communications services for small and medium-sized businesses. Clients turn to us for help and we deliver results quickly.


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We are a seasoned team of communications professionals with more than 25 years of experience and we’re ready to help you build your customer base through effective communications.

If you need creative solutions for your toughest problems or biggest opportunities, we can help you take your business to the next level.

Take the Optimal Approach to getting results by creating and cultivating positive, long-lasting relationships.

We are looking forward to helping you reach your business goals.

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marketing promotions & incentives

Our Optimal Approach will customize your messages to reach your target clients wherever they are.


b2b & b2c marketing strategy

Planning is the key to increasing sales. We can help you identify new business opportunities and start a conversation.


copywriting & editing

We offer seasoned professional communications experience for a full range of print & e-projects.


bot & video scriptwriting & production

Develop customized messages to get your clients attention.


social media & website services

Reach new and existing clients online with social media. We are SEO, website content & WordPress experts.


training & development

Our unique and fun training services will get your staff up to speed quickly.

“Being highly organized, dedicated and creative, combined with being well educated and having solid skills in marketing and communication have all contributed to Paul’s success here at the City of Garden Grove. He has applied these skills to each task, taken his assignments seriously, and completed them on time. Paul has been an integral part of our public relations team—someone we could depend on and someone we truly enjoyed working with.”
Kathy P
Director of Community Relations
City of Garden Grove
“His systematic and persistent approach to building Landmark Consulting’s government sector business was impressive. From developing business strategies to designing brochures and capabilities statements, Paul worked hard to create the best possible plan of action to grow his company’s public works business…”
Tim W
Sr. Procurement Specialist
Procurement Technical Assistance Center
“Paul was the liaison between us and the Mayor’s office and did an outstanding job of project management including coordinating meetings and communicating decisions and details to all stakeholders. These events generally have a lot of moving parts including internal and external stakeholders. Paul easily handled the pressure of competing agendas and strong personalities with a cool head and calm, reassuring demeanor.”
Roz M
Happy client
Former Encinitas Chamber of Commerce President and Owner, Innoventure Consulting Group
“Paul is a self-starter, totally reliable and accountable and can handle any job he wishes to do. He works well in a cooperative team situation.”
Harry K
Another Happy Client
Garden Grove Community Foundation
“Since 1999, Paul has helped tremendously with building the City’s image through his efforts at the Garden Grove Community Foundation. Paul began working here at about the same time the Foundation was created and it has flourished since his arrival. Thanks to your dedicated and hard-working efforts, the Foundation today is one of the most successful community-based foundations in Southern California.”
Bill D
City of Garden Grove


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