In all my years of living, I’ve had to face the reality of the old adage, “you can’t take it with you” a few times. Whether it was the product of divorce, moving a few too many times for my career, or buying a home that just won’t fit everything you owned in your previous address–downsizing happens. The most important thing to remember whenever you’re faced with downsizing is only the items that bring you great memories or joy are worth keeping. The rest is replaceable. I’m not the most sentimental person so that makes it much easier. By taking inventory in what you have and visualizing where it will go in your new home, you can avoid the unfortunate situation of paying to move something that you cannot find space for. I find it easier and funner to sell or donate furniture that I’ve had and buy new, fresh stuff for your new home that will actually fit and look like it was purchased for the space you’ve selected. It may cost more to do that, but it’s worth the investment in my opinion. Another thing to consider when downsizing is asking “why.” It sounds simple enough, but ask yourself why do I want to keep this? Do I really need it? Why is it worth moving it or storing it if you have no real intention of ever enjoying it again? Taking this approach will give you time to think long and hard before it ends up stuffed away in a closet or storage locker somewhere. If you can’t find space in your new home for something, then that means it’s not worth keeping. If you just can’t part with it, consider loaning it to a friend or family member to keep in their home until you find the right place for it. Downsizing is usually not pleasant. But if you take a logical and organized approach to choosing the items that bring you the most joy (and least), then the process becomes easier. Remember that everything is replaceable except memories. Keep the things that bring you joy and great memories. The rest is replaceable.

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