Marketing Campaigns

Optimal Strategy for your Marketing Campigns

Small businesses or large, Optimal Communications has worked on many different marketing campaigns customized for optimal results. We’ve worked in many different industries, from city governments, to  small private businesses. We’ve helped our clients launch direct mail and digital campaigns designed to leverage as many touch-points of customer awareness as possible.

Our marketing campaigns are designed to lead your customers through the sales funnel, and ultimately to sales.

marketing campaigns can make you stand out from the competition

a few samples of our work


Utilize Multiple Strategies in Your Marketing Toolbox

While many businesses are still dazzled by digital marketing, and rightly so, good old fashioned direct mail, radio, magazine and TV ads still work! Optimal Communications can help determine the correct course of action for your business by analyzing your product, your desired customers, your risk tolerance and your budget and timelines in mind. 

A good marketing strategy is goals-driven. Once the goal is established, different options are available to get the word out about your product or service. Many avenues of opportunity exist whether thorugh digital marketing, direct mail, radio ads, flyers, text messages, and more. In today’s world, there are ample opportunities to get your brand to consumers at budget-friendly pricing.

make an impact on your customers

Sales Funnel Lead Generation through marketing campaigns
Generate New Leads
Customized Outreach Campaigns
Brand awareness is the first step in the sales funnel
Increase Brand Awareness
Marketing Plans to Grow Business
Engage customers through strategic marketing campaigns
Reach Your Customers
Recruit New and Repeat Business
generate profit through strategic direct and digital marketing
Maximize profits
Get Results for Less Money