Moving Day!

If you are moving as many of us do throughout the course of our nomadic American Experience, planning is crucial to getting everything done and saving money too. Whether you are moving down the street, across the country or internationally, there are many details involved. To begin the moving process, you need to first sit down and map out your game plan. Do this as soon as possible so that everything isn’t happening at the same time–making your move a truly stressful experience.
Create a list of all the critical things that must be completed first, then create a timeline of whatever needs to be done with solid deadlines or dates to complete the task(s).
Ask yourself these important questions:
1) Do you need to give notice to your landlord? Usually they require at least 30 days notice.
2) Have you set your moving date? Be sure you take time off from work or if you have a busy schedule, block time out to complete your move.
3) Create a list of utility companies and services like trash or cable providers both at your current address AND the new address you’re moving to–then get their phone numbers/emails together so when your moving dates are set, you can contact all these companies to schedule dates/times for stopping or starting these services.
4) Organize your packing plans. Start with closets and non-essential places in your home first, then start packing those things ASAP. When you are one week away from moving, you should then start packing up your essential things in the kitchen, bathrooms, and living spaces. Do these areas last because you do not want to be living out of a box for weeks or looking for important things you need that were packed away already.
5) Before you start packing, buy all the supplies you’ll need for moving, including packing supplies (boxes/tape/markers).
6) Once you’re packed up and ready to move, plan your moving day as carefully as possible. Don’t forget to reserve a moving truck or get bids for moving services well in advance of your moving date. Many of these companies are booked out for many weeks in advance. Get on their schedule ASAP and be prepared/flexible to moving your moving date to accomodate the moving service’s schedule.
7) On Moving Day, get up early and contact your helpers to be sure they are still on board to helping out. It’s always best to have at least one other person who has agreed to help you throughout the day. Be sure that this person(s) is reliable and won’t flake out at the last minute. Have backup plans in place just in case.
8) Keep a checklist of the most important things that need to happen on Moving Day. Think about everything possible to add to this list and check it frequently to be sure you’re getting everything done that needs to be done. This checklist should include tasks for both your old and new address.Moving is always stressful. But if you plan properly, you can reduce stress and save money by avoiding unnecessary fees or expenses. Planning ahead makes a big difference in the quality of your moving experience. Good luck and Happy Moving Day!

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