New Year – New Blog to Improve Your Life

Happy New Year Everyone! My name is Paul and I’m a professional writer and marketing communications expert. I’m also brand new to Tumblr and this is my first blog. My goal with this blog is to help anyone who’s interested in improving their life through planning and organizing.

For my first topic, I’d like to briefly share my ideas on planning and organizing to achieve your personal and professional goals. It’s a perfect New Year’s Resolution topic on New Year’s Day 2021, don’t you think?

Everyone can always use a reminder once in a while on how to be more organized. The key to becoming organized is by starting with a plan. It doesn’t need to be a long, written-out plan. It can be as simple as a plan in your head about how you plan to achieve your goals. Whether it’s your goal to become a senior executive or to plan the perfect family trip, I’ve lived long enough and learned long ago how important planning is to reaching your goals.

I’m a list-maker, so my thought process always begins with a short list of the key actions or tasks that I need to do in order to ensure that all possible options are written down. I like to start by thinking ahead to envision what’s important and most interesting for me. By writing these ideas down in list form using a few words, I’m then able to take the next step of organizing or putting this list in the order of importance– and in some cases, in order of sequence needed to achieve my goal(s) whatever it may be.

I’m not saying that I’m an expert in planning and organizing, but I have been told many times in my personal and professional life that I’m extremely well-organized and detail-oriented in my approach to getting things done.

The secret I’ve learned over the years is to keep your plans simple and achievable; consider all of the possible pros and cons; and stick to your plan as long as it still makes sense–then be flexible to making changes when things don’t go according to the original plan.

That’s plenty for today’s blog. I hope you liked what you read. I’ll be sure to add more thoughts and ideas regularly if you care to follow me. FYI–I’m currently planning to launch a new marketing and communications company in 2021, so I’ll also be sharing my planning process for getting started with your own business in future blogs. Stay tuned–there’s lots more to follow!

Take care, Paul

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