Optimize Your Commute

Optimize Your Commute

Now that we’re slowly crawling out of this global pandemic, it’s time to talk about making your commute the best experience possible. To make that happen, you need to be resourceful and patient. You may be taking the least optimal route to work every day–and not even realize it!

Start by entering your home address and workplace address into an online map app like Mapquest or Google Maps. By checking how an online map would route your commute, you may find that there’s a better way to get there. I’d suggest finding two or three possible routes to work. Why? Because someday you may need to take an alternate route to get to work or home due to traffic accidents on your regular route–so why not map out a couple alternate routes in advance?

Next, try driving the different routes to work for a few days to see which one gets you there faster and safer. Sometimes, the most direct routes may not be the best way to go because there may be too many traffic signals, or perhaps too many other cars/trucks on this route. After trying 1-2 or 3 different routes for a few days each, choose the commute you like best! And if you are lucky enough to live close to your workplace, consider riding a bike or scooter to work. If you’re going to make this commute every day, you may as well enjoy it.#happy trails

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