Planning ahead for Life in the COVID-19 Era

It’s easy to forget that we’re all still living through this epic and long health crisis, unless of course you experienced the sadness of losing someone close to you. COVID-19 has brought almost every corner of the earth to its knees. There are so many reasons to just try to forget this disease exists anymore. However, we all know that it’s still here with us, so the best thing we can all do is prepare ourselves for the long haul. 

Before you go out, be sure to bring at least two extra facemasks with you. If you happen to lose one or it gets dirty or contaminated, you’ll need a backup. I suggest putting extra masks in your car, stuff 1-2 in your coat pockets, and be sure to pack extra masks for any day trips you plan to escape the monotony of this pandemic.

Hand sanitizers should also be placed inside your car, packed in your purse, or stuff an extra supply in your coats too. You never know when sanitizer will come in handy after a trip to the grocery store or after doing any chore outside your home. 

And the hardest suggestion of all: We need to try our very best to stay home and do as much as possible without interacting with strangers who may or may not be infected with this virus. In the meantime, we have to all wait for our turn to get vaccinated. For most of us, this is going to be a long wait–weeks not days. Surround yourself with the things you love and the things you love to do. Get your exercise and outdoor time in, but please do it safely! 

We are all in this together and together we will get through this pandemic. Stay tuned for future words of wisdom from this chronic organizer and planner, yours truly.#allinthistogether

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