Planning for a Trip

Planning for a Trip

Oftentimes, we take trips (short and long) without thinking ahead. The excitement of going anywhere, especially during this pandemic, causes many people to lose focus on what’s really needed to maximize the experience. My suggestion is to start planning what to bring on your trip by sitting down and focusing your attention on where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing. Will you need warmer clothes or will you be on the beach most of the time? Think ahead by envisioning the main destinations on your trip and what you should bring to enjoy these destinations to the maximum. 

I’m a huge list-maker and planner, so I always consider what I would ideally do and where I would love most to go during my trips. I write them down and then add the items that would make the trip even better. For example, for a trip to the Grand Canyon, bringing a pair of binoculars along would be a great idea to get better views of the canyon. For trip planning, it’s the little things that sometimes make a big difference in your experience. 

Make a list of the clothes you’d like to wear and consider the weather forecast. Bring enough clothes to match the type of weather you’re expecting. And then make a list of the things you’d like to bring along–consider how much time you’ll be there and the number of bags you want to haul along with you too. If you prefer to travel light, trim your list down to include only the most important things you’ll need to enjoy your trip. Start gathering these clothes, toiletries, meds, and trip things to assemble them in a safe place where you’ll easily find them. One of the worst things to do is wait until an hour before you leave to pack. It’s amazing how many things get lost or misplaced when you’re scrambling to pack for a trip. Use your list, assemble as many things in advance as possible, then pack the night before you leave. Many times, you’ll have to leave items used daily or frequently out until you leave–then add them to your packed bags right before you go. 

Taking a trip is a great way to escape your everyday world. Planning ahead will make the experience even better. Take the time to think ahead. 


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