“Since 1999, Paul has helped tremendously with building the City’s image through his efforts at the Garden Grove Community Foundation. Paul began working here at about the same time the Foundation was created and it has flourished since his arrival. Thanks to your dedicated and hard-working efforts, the Foundation today is one of the most successful community-based foundations in Southern California."
Bill Dalton
Former Mayor, City of Garden Grove
"Being highly organized, dedicated and creative, combined with being well educated and having solid skills in marketing and communication have all contributed to Paul’s success here at the City of Garden Grove. He has applied these skills to each task, taken "his assignments seriously, and completed them on time. Paul has been an integral part of our public relations team—someone we could depend on and someone we truly enjoyed working with."
Kathy Porter
Former Director, Office of Community Relations, City of Garden Grove
“His systematic and persistent approach to building Landmark Consulting’s government sector business was impressive. From developing business strategies to designing brochures and capabilities statements, Paul worked hard to create the best possible plan of action to grow his company’s public works business…”
Tim Warren
Sr. Procurement Specialist, Procurement Technical Assistance Center
Roz Mancinelli
“Paul was the liaison between us and the Mayor’s office and did an outstanding job of project management including coordinating meetings and communicating decisions and details to all stakeholders. These events generally have a lot of moving parts including internal and external stakeholders. Paul easily handled the pressure of competing agendas and strong personalities with a cool head and calm, reassuring demeanor.”
Roz Mancinelli
Former CEO, Encinitas Chamber of Commerce
“Paul is a self-starter, totally reliable and accountable and can handle any job he wishes to do. He works well in a cooperative team situation.”
Harry Krebs
Former Vice Chair, Garden Grove Community Foundation