Tuning Out for Mental Health

In order to move forward, sometimes we need to tune out the noise that tends to distract us. A good example is the national politics that has been tearing this nation apart in recent months. If we allow ourselves to be immersed in the bitter divides that separate so many of us today, there is a strong chance that we can get lost in a forest of like-minded people. The problem with that is there are millions of others out there with different views and beliefs and by selectively tuning them out, we are limiting our thoughts and feelings to only those who agree with you or you agree with. My topic today is about doing the opposite. 

By tuning out the noise we’re seeing daily in the media and social media, we can return to our inner-selves, to our own belief system. We need to rely more on ourselves to decide what’s right or wrong, not allow others to tell us what they consider to be right or wrong. Believing in our own inner voices has taken each of us really far in life successfully. Why should we trade this in to listen to the noise coming from every media outlet and social media channel we tune into? 

I’d like to suggest that we all take a week or more off from watching the news or following the influencers dominating our social media lives online. Let your inner self take over again and focus on the most important things in our lives, not the lives of others. With the pandemic raging on, bitter politics overheating the media outlets, and the lines being drawn everywhere we turn, it’s time to take back our personal lives to allow ourselves to revert back to the good, solid people that we are inside. Take back your inner self by tuning out the negative noise that’s consumed us for too long now. I hope we can all do this for our own mental health. Peace to everyone! #peace of mind

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